Northern Lights PD@Marine


Mission Statement


To bring a smile to the faces of the Parkinsons community by providing the opportunity to live a fulfilled life and to offer support where required to maintain personal dignity and self esteem.




By raising funds through a variety of means we will try to give back some of life’s pleasures or lost pastimes which PD currently denies to people in our  community and to offer support to suit individual needs.






Well where do I start ? 


At the outset we anticipated making enough from the Race Night  to buy a box of tea bags and some cups. After several suggestions from the participants we readjusted the prize money and allocated a sum of £250 for the Group. The final number of participants was 84 , the winner donated the prize money and Steve McGowan of Precision Facades  pledged £500 which with other personal donations led us to report a figure in excess  of £1500 to be banked.