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With steadfast hope, intrepid spirit,

We walk this precarious path.

We do not walk alone.

With bold endeavour, gutsy game,

We play on life’s pitted pitch.

We do not play alone.

With colossal force, resilient fortitude

We fight this pervading opponent.

We do not fight alone.

When the contest is done,

When we fall behind the pack,

Unwavering, quiet love steadies our soul.

We are never, ever alone.

By Annie Booth




I struggled to tie my boots with weak, quivering hands,

Rigid, stiffened fingers unable to weave the laces together.

Noticing the defiant look of determination,

An unfamiliar face asked “Do you need an extra pair?”

“Boots, hands or feet?” I replied with a smile,

As they gave me an understanding wink

And shuffled off to face their own everyday yet extraordinary moment

Where Parkinson’s met football and light hearted life.

By Annie Booth

Choose Love — Choose Life

Everything that matters in life is right here before us.

Recent friendships forged with that easy depth of pals of old,

Happy comrades against the cruel crusade we face.

We are resolute, unyielding, stubborn,

A defiant quest for fullness of life, love and laughter,

Our mission, a meeting point for like-minded souls.

Amidst the complexity of an uncertain future,

This i know to be true, without fear or hesitation,

Something tangible on which I can forever rely.

This motley crew of footballers, fishermen, artists and all,

My dear friends, a beacon of realistic hope on the darker days,

A force for good, as the bright northern lights welcome me home.

By Annie Booth

A minute for 365

Today, stand silently for a moment and think.

Fill the reflective minute with heart-felt hope and quiet kindness.

If you have spare strength to give, share it.

When your capacity for love has room for more, give it.

There are millions of people you can touch with your gentle generosity.

Begin with one, solitary act of compassion.

Turn the tide second by precious second,

And watch the ripple of tenderness change humanity forever.

By Annie Booth

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