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Northern Lights - More than meets the eye

I would like to start this blog by thanking the group of fabulous people who make up the flagship which is Northern Lights . This includes partners , families, carers and the various people without whom we could not have launched this exciting venture. No names are needed , they know who they are and that I am so proud of them collectively and individually . It’s nothing less than remarkable that we have come so far in such a short time.

Now we start the real work which we have made our purpose . We are drawn together by PD which is a serious condition to say the least . However living the best life possible is a far more serious matter and through leading by example we intend to help those who can’t quite see that yet or believe that PD is the end . NL can welcome you into a caring community where you will find anything from a listening ear to a pair of football boots to help you reach the same conclusion that we have -PD is far from the end , it is a beginning - a different beginning . Let’s put the smile back on those beautiful PD faces , kick up our heels and live the best life possible.

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