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Hi on behalf of John (left) and James (Both PwP)

Firstly may we wish you a warm welcome to PARKINSON'S SUPPORT and hope that your experience  with us is beneficial to your general health and in particular to your ability to manage your Parkinson's symptoms to allow you to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life. We are a group of people who along with our partners are building a community in which empathy, support and the encouragement to achieve new goals are our priority. 

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This is the events calendar. You can use it to see what activities are upcoming within the Northern Lights Community. Click on a coloured dot on the date you want to check & it will show more information including a description, time, date, location and even where it is on Google Maps. If you want to join in any of the activities, please contact us. 


This was produced for a friend of Northern Lights. Directed and edited by Ray W, thank you to everyone who was involved.



Our fabulous Northern Lights ladies enjoyed an afternoon out on the town, a lovely 3 course meal & great entertainment. Its what they deserve for all they do for us men!  


Shiny boots, new shirts, laid out on the bed

Waiting to be worn with pride.

We are ready.

Indelible friendships born from a desire to truly live.

This funny gang, courageous in the every day.

We are ready.

Bring your full hearts to the game plan,

A powerful secret weapon against the odds.

We are ready. We are ready. We are ready.

By Annie Booth


The latest poems from our fabulous Northern Lights members will be posted here.

Click HERE to head to the Poetry page 

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